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This list is determined by members of the Hamilton Municipal Heritage Committee. Members provide informal updates to the properties on this list, based on their visual assessments of the properties, or information they have gleaned from other sources, such as new articles and updates from other heritage groups.

(Red = Properties where there is a perceived immediate threat to heritage resources through: demolition; neglect; vacancy; alterations, and/or, redevelopment)

(i) Tivoli, 108 James Street North, Hamilton (D) – T. Ritchie
(ii) Andrew Sloss House, 372 Butter Road West, Ancaster (D) – C. Dimitry
(iii) Century Manor, 100 West 5th Street, Hamilton (D) – G. Carroll
(iv) 18-22 King Street East, Hamilton (D) – W. Rosart
(v) 24-28 King Street East, Hamilton (D) – W. Rosart
(vi) 2 Hatt Street, Dundas (R) – K. Burke
(vii) James Street Baptist Church, 98 James Street South, Hamilton (D) – J. Brown
(viii) Long and Bisby Building, 828 Sanatorium Road (D) – G. Carroll
(ix) 120 Park Street, North, Hamilton (R) – R. McKee
(x) 398 Wilson Street East, Ancaster (D) – C. Dimitry
(xi) Lampman House, 1021 Garner Road East, Ancaster (D) – C. Dimitry
(xii) Cathedral Boys School, 378 Main Street East, Hamilton (R) – T. Ritchie
(xiii) Firth Brothers Building, 127 Hughson Street North, Hamilton (NOID) – T. Ritchie
(xiv) Auchmar Gate House, Claremont Lodge 71 Claremont Drive (R) – R. McKee
(xv) Former Hanrahan Hotel (former) 80 to 92 Barton Street East (I)– T. Ritchie
(xvi) Television City, 163 Jackson Street West (D) – J. Brown
(xvii) 1932 Wing of the Former Mount Hamilton Hospital, 711 Concession Street (R) – G. Carroll
(xviii) 215 King Street West, Dundas (I) – K. Burke
(xix) 679 Main Street East, and 85 Holton Street South, Hamilton (Former St. Giles Church) – D. Beland
(xx) 219 King Street West, Dundas – K. Burke
(xxi) 216 Hatt Street, Dundas – K. Burke

(Yellow = Properties that are undergoing some type of change, such as a change in ownership or use, but are not perceived as being immediately threatened)

(i) Delta High School, 1284 Main Street East, Hamilton (D) – D. Beland
(ii) 2251 Rymal Road East, Stoney Creek (R) – C. Dimitry
(iii) Former Valley City Manufacturing, 64 Hatt Street, Dundas (R) – K. Burke
(iv) St. Joseph’s Motherhouse, 574 Northcliffe Avenue, Dundas (ND) – W. Rosart
(v) Coppley Building, 104 King Street West; 56 York Blvd., and 63-76 MacNab Street North (NOI) – G. Carroll
(vi) Dunington-Grubb Gardens, 1000 Main Street East (within Gage Park) (R) – D. Beland
(vii) St. Clair Blvd. Conservation District (D) – D. Beland
(viii) 52 Charlton Avenue West, Hamilton (D) – J. Brown
(ix) 292 Dundas Street East, Waterdown (R) – L. Lunsted
(x) Chedoke Estate (Balfour House), 1 Balfour Drive, Hamilton (R) – T. Ritchie
(xi) Binkley property, 50-54 Sanders Blvd., Hamilton (R) - J. Brown
(xii) 62 6th Concession East, Flamborough (I) - L. Lunsted
(xiii) Beach Canal Lighthouse and Cottage (D) – R. McKee
(xiv) Cannon Knitting Mill, 134 Cannon Street East, Hamilton (R) – T. Ritchie
(xv) 1 Main Street West, Hamilton (D) – W. Rosart
(xvi) 54 - 56 Hess Street South, Hamilton (R) – J. Brown