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(Added Items, if applicable, will be noted with *)

  • Masonry repairs to the front façade, including:
    • Grinding out of existing mortar joints to sound material; and,
    • Repointing with Type N mortar.
  • Repair of the damaged stained glass window on the northwest elevation of the building, including:
    • Temporary removal the window for repair off-site;
    • Dismantling, cleaning, re-leading and cementing the window and adding round bars for additional support;
    • Repair of the wood window sill;
    • Replacement of the rotted wood window frame in kind (cedar);
    • Painting and caulking of the reconstructed window frame and sill;
    • Reinstallation of the restored stained glass window; and,
    • Installation of a new vented and tempered glass storm window, wrapped in a low-profile aluminum frame to match the exterior paint colour.
  • Removal of the deteriorated cupola structure and bell, including:
    • Reconstruction of the rotted framing and supports at the top of the tower;
    • Capping of the top of the tower with a new metal-clad hip roof;
    • Relocation of the bell on site for display and interpretation;
  • Replacement of the rotting wooden louvers and sills in the tower with new metal louvers and sills to match; and,
  • Repointing the damaged brick at the base of the tower with appropriate lime-based mortar.
  • Cover of all exposed window openings, including east bay window, with black painted exterior grade plywood;
  • Roof repairs, including:
    • Replacement of the missing portion of cladding to the east bay window;
    • Removal and replacement of the deteriorated leading edge of the roof;
  • Masonry repairs, including selective repointing the north elevation and,
  • Removal of the awning in the east elevation.
  • Masonry restoration, including:
    • Cleaning of heavy soiling with non-abrasive techniques (e.g. low pressure water wash);
    • Removal of all paint layers from stone lintels and sills and protecting with corrosive-resistant paint;
    • Repointing and repairs, as needed (e.g. step crack, damaged bricks, etc.);
    • Infilling non-heritage openings with brick to match, including the west and east elevations and pointed-arch window openings in north elevation; and,
    • Repainting of masonry exterior walls with breathable paint.
  • Roof repairs, including:
    • Rebuilding of the roof structure;
    • Reconstruction of the brick chimneys;
    • Restoration of the wood detailing, including:
      • Repair of sound wood elements;
      • Reproduction of missing or damaged wood elements to match;
    • Installation of new eavestroughs and downspouts.
  • Installation of new aluminum-clad two-over-two hung wood windows in existing openings.
  • Introduction of new openings in ground and second floor, including new window openings in the north elevation and venting.
  • Removal of non-heritage additions, including the front solarium and side portico.


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