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Emily Bent, E-mail:, Phone: ext. 6663

Meg Oldfield, E-mail:, Phone: ext. 7163

Dawn Cordeiro, E-mail:, Phone: ext. 6145

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  • Restoration of all exterior wood components including:
    • Wood fascia, soffit, frieze board, brackets and roof returns;
    • Front portico columns, entablature, gable end and vaulted ceiling, fascia brackets and all trims;
    • Central cupola, including replacement of existing roofing; and,
    • Installation of protective coverings to windows.
  • Restoration of exterior cladding;
  • Replacement of cedar roof in kind;
  • Installation of accessible gravel pathways and wood ramp to rear;
  • Addition of stone stoop to the front porch; and,
  • Repairs to rotten beams.
  • Exterior alterations to facilitate interior renovation work, including:
    • Construction of a new rear wood deck;
    • Introduction of a new door in the side (east) elevation to the deck using the existing window opening;
    • Removal of two existing door openings in the rear (south) wall of the side addition, infilled with brick to match existing;
    • Introduction of two new windows in existing door openings of the rear (south) wall of the side addition; and,
    • Introduction of a flue vent on the rear (south) elevation.
  • Landscaping, including:
    • Removal of shrubbery in the front and side yards;
    • Removal of the tree in the side yard;
  • Repair of the leaded glass in front door;
  • Repair or removal of existing chimney;
  • Repairs to an existing fence;
  • Repairs to the front porch, including brick repointing and fixing the roof; and,
  • Repointing of stone foundation.
  • Repair of the existing historic stucco and EIFS cladding system, including:
    • Removing the ivy growth on the north elevation;
    • Removal of sections of damaged and delaminated stucco;
    • Application of new sand/cement stucco coatings, trowel applied, to level and achieve planer regularity; and,
  • Replacement in kind of the wooden window sills in the second-floor bay and pair of square windows on the south elevation.
  • Interior renovations on the ground floor, including:
    • Location 1 - Installation of a new information desk below the floating stairs with suspended lighting;
    • Location 2 - Installation of a security desk in front of the central alcove; and,
    • Location 3 - Relocation and reconstruction of service counters and the construction of partition walls in the Open for Business Centre in the southeast area.


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