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Amber Knowles, Cultural Heritage Planner, Ext. 1291

Stacey Kursikowski, Cultural Heritage Planner, Ext. 1202

Chloe Richer, Cultural Heritage Planner, Ext. 7163

(905) 546-2424

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  • Repair storefront windowsills, window and wood door stops;
  • Remove the remaining damaged copper cladding; and
  • Replacement cladding to be wood to provide proper water management and to discourage future vandalism and theft.
  • Redirecting and relocating the location of the exhaust air from the basement mechanical room;
  • The current location of the exhaust air is at the ground level of the south entrance of City Hall; and
  • The preferred option (Option 2) is the installation of new exhaust air louvres at the south side of the existing duct shafts. Air will be discharged beneath the bridge to the Hunter St. parking lot. 
  • Installation of signage (42" x 36") to the front façade in the same location as previous signage, above the two front windows. 
  • Installation of two new signs (fascia sign and blade sign) on the front façade. 
  • Two sets of existing north and south exterior painted white oak wood doors at west elevation at Lower Floor are being proposed to be replaced due to ongoing maintenance issues of these doors;
  • Modification of existing ventilation ducting servicing Alumni Memorial Building;
  • Addition of new HVAC unit complete with screening to be located on lower roof of existing kitchen addition on north end of    building.  Unit to be ducted into Kitchen through same lower roof.  The colour of screening to be earth tone, the same as the existing door frames, to blend into the existing brick façade; and
  • Existing roof top exhaust fan located above Alumni Memorial Building Lobby to be upgraded to new unit in the same location. Colour of duct and fan to be painted to match existing and blend the existing sloped roof colour. 
  • Retroactive application for cladding of brick façades; and,
  • Exterior walls are now wrapped with exterior insulation (1") with 3/4" strapping to vent wood siding (Fraser Wood Siding, 6" V groove on all exterior facades except for the front gable, which is board and batten with 1" boards). 
  • Replacement of approximately 36-38 original windows with modern painted vinyl windows; and
  • The grills will also be part of the front exterior windows to match the existing look that is part of the original windows. 


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