City of Hamilton

Meeting #:21-016
Due to the COVID-19 and the Closure of City Hall (CC)
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​Lisa Kelsey, Legislative Coordinator (905) 546-2424 ext. 4605

(Added Items, if applicable, will be noted with *)

(i)     Denise Hancock   
(ii)    Julie Lieff
(iii)   Janice Brown - Moved to 6.2(b)(viii)
(iv)   Lukas Iafrates - Moved to 6.2(b)(iii)
(v)    Dakota Devenyi
(vi)   Marie Valentine - Moved to 6.2(b)(iv)

*Added Virtual Delegations:

(vii)   Paul McDonald
(viii)  Ted Pudney
(ix)    Janice Warner

(i)     Maria del Carmen Orlandis-Habsburgo

*Added Pre-recorded Delegations:

(ii)    Bruce Speck
(iii)   Lukas Iafrates
(iv)   Marie Valentine
(v)    Gina Kiriakopoulos
(vi)   Erica Cymbuluk
(vii)  Glen Patzalek
(viii)  Janice Brown

Closed Session Minutes - October 5, 2021

Pursuant to Section 9.1, Sub-section (k) of the City's Procedural By-law 21-021; and, Section 239(2), Sub-sections (k)  of the Ontario Municipal Act, 2001, as amended, as the subject matter pertains to a position, plan, procedure, criteria or instruction to be applied to any negotiations carried on or to be carried on by or on behalf of the municipality or local board.