City of Hamilton

Meeting #:18-006
Council Chambers, Hamilton City Hall
71 Main Street West

Loren Kolar, Legislative Coordinator (905) 546-2424 ext. 2604

(Added Items, if applicable, will be noted with *)

Red = Properties where there is a perceived immediate threat to heritage resources through: demolition; neglect; vacancy; alterations, and/or, redevelopment)

(i) Tivoli, 108 James Street North, Hamilton (D) – A. Johnson
(ii) Book House, 167 Book Road East, Ancaster (R) – M. McGaw
(iii) Andrew Sloss House, 372 Butter Road West, Ancaster (D) – M. McGaw
(iv) Century Manor, 100 West 5th Street, Hamilton (D) – K. Garay
(v) Beach Canal Lighthouse (D) – J. Partridge
(vi) 18-22 King Street East, Hamilton (R)(NOI) – K. Stacey
(vii) 24-28 King Street East, Hamilton (R)(NOI) – K. Stacey
(viii) 1 St. James Place, Hamilton (D) – K. Stacey
(ix) 2 Hatt Street, Dundas – K. Stacey
(x) James Street Baptist Church, 96 James Street South, Hamilton (D) –A. Denham-Robinson

(Yellow = Properties that are undergoing some type of change, such as a change in ownership or use, but are not perceived as being immediately threatened)

(i) Delta High School, 1284 Main Street East, Hamilton (D) – D. Beland
(ii) St. Giles United Church, 85 Holton Avenue South (L) – D. Beland
(iii) 2251 Rymal Road East, Stoney Creek (R) – C. Dimitry
(iv) Former Valley City Manufacturing, 64 Hatt Street, Dundas – K. Stacey
(v) St. Joseph’s Motherhouse, 574 Northcliffe Avenue, Dundas - K. Stacey
(vi) Coppley Building, 104 King Street West; 56 York Blvd., and 63-76
MacNab Street North – G. Carroll
(vii) 1021 Garner Road East, Ancaster (Lampman House) - M. McGaw

(Green = Properties whose status is stable)

(i) The Royal Connaught Hotel, 112 King Street East, Hamilton (R) – T.
(ii) Auchmar, 88 Fennell Avenue West, Hamilton (D) – K. Garay
(iii) Jimmy Thompson Pool, 1099 King Street E., Hamilton (R) – T. Ritchie
(iv) Treble Hall, 4-12 John Street North, Hamilton (R) – T. Ritchie
(vi) 104 King Street West, Dundas (Former Post Office) – K. Stacey

(Black = Properties that HMHC have no control over and may be demolished)

(i) Auchmar Gate House, Claremont Lodge 71 Claremont Drive (R) – K. Garay