Hamilton Police Services Board

Due to the COVID-19 and the Closure of City Hall
All electronic meetings can be viewed at:
City’s Website: https://www.hamilton.ca/council-committee/council-committee-meetings/meetings-and-agendas
City’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/InsideCityofHamilton or Cable 14

That the Board approve and receive the consent items as distributed.

That the minutes of the meeting held Thursday, March 12, 2020, be adopted as printed.

That the Board support the change of date for the release of the Independent Review Final Report to June 1, 2020, at the earliest; and

That following the approval of the change of date, a media release be provided with the attached correspondence from Mr. Scott Bergman.

5.1 a.     That the Hamilton Police Services Board receive for processing the Application for Extension of the six-month time period for the service of a Notice of Hearing against Constable Paul Manning regarding allegations of misconduct under Part V of the Police Services Act, as amended.

5.1 b. Correspondence from Sam Merulla dated March 4,2020

5.1 c. Correspondence from Belchior Arruda on behalf of Mr. Manning dated March 4, 2020

5.1 d. Correspondence from Sam Merulla dated April 8, 2020 

That the Board approve correspondence from Chief Eric Girt dated March 24, 2020 with respect to Item 5 of the Public Works Committee Report 20-022 City of Hamilton Vision Zero Action Plan 2019-2025 Update (PW19015(a)) (City Wide) (Item 10.1); and

That the Board approve this correspondence be forwarded to the City of Hamilton to the attention of Legislative Coordinator Alicia Davenport and copied to General Manager Dan McKinnon and Administrative Coordinator Nancy Wunderlich.

That the Hamilton Police Services Board enter into an Agreement with Hamilton Accident Support Services Ltd. (HASSL), by which HASSL will provide collision reporting services to the Hamilton Police Service (HPS) as defined in the said Agreement, for a five (5) year period, commencing on July 1, 2020 and ending June 30, 2025; and

That the Chair and Administrator of the Board be authorized and directed to enter into said Agreement in a form satisfactory to Legal Counsel.

That the Hamilton Police Service Board (Board) approve the Allocation Plan for the 2019 Operating Budget favorable variance (surplus) of $1,425,221.

That the Hamilton Police Service Board (HPSB) approve the construction of a new Police Station 40 in partnership with Hamilton Fire Department (HFD) for a combined Police and Fire facility; and

That the Board request the City of Hamilton (City) to confirm and include the construction of a new Police Station 40, as part of and in partnership with the HFD approved Waterdown Fire station, in the 2021 Capital Budget; and

That the funding of the Police portion of the proposed combined facility, estimated to be $8M, be funded from the City’s Police Development Charges (DC) reserve; and

That the Hamilton Police Service (HPS) review and analyze the annual operating budget impact for Station 40 and report back to the Board for review and approval.

At the Ontario Association of Police Services Boards’ (OAPSB) Annual meeting held on May 29, 2020, Don MacVicar was nominated and confirmed as a Director for the OAPSB.

The Police Services Board will adjourn the Public portion of the meeting and reconvene in camera for consideration of private and confidential matters.

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